Fundraising Tips

The number one reason people give is because they were asked. Every dollar counts!

Make a donation to yourself: Your donors will see how committed you are once they see you too have made a donation. 

Start early: The sooner you start, the more you will fundraise. 

Personalize your online fundraising page: Upload a photo and share your story on why you are participating. What motivates you to participate will motivate others to donate!

Who to ask: Tell your family, friends, co-workers and anyone you come into contact with about this important fundraising event, and ask them to make a donation. Remember, the number one reason people donate is because they were asked. Follow up a few weeks later if they haven't made a donation yet. Most people intend to donate and will appreciate a friendly reminder. 

Every dollar counts: Give up your morning latte for one week or bring your lunch to work. If everyone who donated to you last year gave you one more dollar, think how fast your fundraising total would increase. Every dollar counts!

Matching gifts: Ask your employer if they have a matching gift program. Many employers will match funds raised by their employees.

Spread the word: Post the link to your personal fundraising page on all your social media and ask your contacts to donate what they can afford. Share your fundraising goal, and update eveyone on how close you are to achieving it. 

Access our online fundraising tools: We have a number of email templates in your Participant Centre. Personalize the email, add a link to your individual page, and send it off to your contacts. It's a quick and easy way to tell your family, friends and co-workers you are participating in this important fundraising event. Share your fundraising goal and keep them updated on how close you are to achieving it!

Seven steps to reaching your goal of $1,000

Step 1: Start by supporting yourself $50 

Step 2: Ask four family members to contribute $50 each = $200

Step 3: Ask ten friends to support you $25 each = $250

Step 4: Ask five co-workers to donate $20 each = $100

Step 5: Ask four neighbours to donate $20 each = $80

Step 6: Ask your boss for a company donation = $100

Step 7: Send an email to everyone in your contacts = $220

Total = Congratulations, you have raised $1,000 and helped women and their children take steps away from family violence!