Stepping up to help women and children walk away

In its twelve year history, YW WALK A MILE IN HER SHOES® Presented by Shoppers Drug Mart, has raised more than $2million. We have seen thousands of Calgarians STEP UP and walk a mile in a pair of sparkly stilettos or leopard print pumps to take a stand against family violence.

For the 2018 event, the YW has established a fundraising goal of $250,000. All Calgarians are welcome to walk and fundraise to achieve this. Together we can make a difference and help women and their children walk away from domestic abuse.

This event has made an impact on our city. Here’s a few of our favourite testimonials:

“To those who participated in the 2016 YW WALK A MILE IN HER SHOES® event, I want to thank you. Thank you for saying this isn’t okay; thank you for believing domestic violence needs to stop, and for proving most men are not like the perpetrator who almost killed me and abused my son. Thank you for being so gracious with your time to create awareness. That awareness, and monies raised, are vital to helping women/children find safety and HEAL. Domestic violence happens in all capacities and more than people think and it needs to stop.

Today I have confidence, security, stability, and forgiveness. It’s important for victims of domestic violence to know that although it will always be part of their story, they can heal from their experiences, their traumas ...and move on.”

WAM 2015 Pic2

"Hi. My name is Ben, and with my friends and colleagues from the Mini Club of Calgary, I will be participating in the Walk A Mile In Her Shoes for the seventh time this year. As I reflect back on the last five years, certainly the camaraderie and challenge within our group is infectious, but at the heart of it, our goal - my goal - is to raise enough awareness and education to help erase the need for this event in the first place. Family and domestic violence is not OK. Let's get that message out there."

Walk a Mile

Tim Flaman | Vice President, Marketing Online Business Solutions
West Canadian Digital Imaging Inc

Men need to stand up and send the message that family violence is unacceptable. West Canadian’s involvement in the event started with only a few of us the first year, and then the next year I challenged more guys in the office to see if they were man enough to walk a mile in her shoes. It was a great teambuilding exercise and makes men stretch from their comfort zones.

Every year we watch the faces of the guys participating in the YWCA Walk a Mile in Their Shoes event... little guys, big burly guys...and their expressions show that they are experiencing the hardest thing they’ve ever done, despite knowing many have played sports and been hurt. The pain shows our support for the women and children who have experienced family violence.